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It is with some sadness that I have to report that I ceased publishing AMC Magazine as of  issue #33, Spring of 2015. If you were a subscriber and had issues left on your subscription please contact me. I will full fill your subscription with whatever back issues you would like to have, and throw in an extra one as well.

Welcome to the "American Motors Cars Magazine" website! The main editor and production manager is myself, Frank Swygert. I have been an AMC enthusiast since 1979. I have previously self-published two books on AMC ("The Unheralded Rambler", 1987, and "The Compact Chronicles", 1992, sold only through AMC clubs) as well as several "classic" home computer related books and a home computer hobby magazine. I retired from the USAF after 24 years of service in August of 2007 and currently reside at the magazine address below.

The purpose of AMC (formerly "AIM" -- see note near bottom of page) was to support the American Motors/Rambler hobby with technical information and interesting stories concerning the history and cars produced by the company, including related companies (Jeffery, Nash, Hudson, Jeep, IKA, VAM, etc.). I viewed the magazine as a supplement to local and national clubs, not a replacement! I supported all the clubs by publishing contact information at least once yearly and promoting membership and free advertising for meets and other club functions.

Back issues of "AMC" are available in two formats: printed and electronic. The printed version is in black and white on standard U.S. size paper (8.5"x11"), side stapled and three hole punched technical journal style. This makes it easier to publish and easy for readers to store and preserve their copies. The electronic version is sent via e-mail in the form of a PDF file created from the print master. It is, however, in full color. The printed version averages 24 pages, the PDF file averages 2.5 MB. The contents and size of all issues vary with a balance among year, model, and type vehicles covered.

I encourage you to give AMC a chance by requesting or downloading the sample copy.

To order back issues of AIM or AMC please click on "Purchases" the link in the left sidebar after perusing the "Back Issue Contents" page. Hard copy (B&W) issues are $5 each, Electronic (color PDF files) are $3 each sent via e-mail. FIVE or more electronic issues can be requested on a CD-ROM for an additional $2 charge (minimum $17).  Sorry, but I do not send hard copy or CD-ROM to Canada, Mexico or overseas -- electronic only.

Credit Cards Accepted on website only, no call-in orders. Click here to use your Credit Card.

Direct all inquiries and submissions to the above address or via e-mail:
You may also phone Frank at 803-604-6548 9am-9pm Eastern Standard Time.
If no answer leave a message and number -- I have free long distance
in the US and Canada and will return your call.

I produced AMC as a service to the AMC hobby, putting in at least 240 hours a year.
I ask that the files not be posted or passed around  unless specific permission is granted -- it was a lot of work to produce a magazine!  Please first ask to use an article in a club publication or on a website.

NOTE: "American Motors Cars" (AMC) was printed from 1997 through October 2006 as "American Independent Magazine".
The name change occurred in December 2006 to let people know that this magazine covers only American Motors related vehicles.
The original title reflected the intent to include coverage of other independent makes, but I was unable to generate adequate interest. 
There were nine volumes of AIM, all still available as back issues. Volume numbering started over with the new name.